How To Get A Promotion & Salary Raise At Work in 2023

Learn how to negotiate a promotion and salary raise with your boss in 2023 with these proven strategies and essential tips. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get noticed by your manager, improve your skills, act like a leader, and be sociable to increase your chances of securing a promotion.

5 Things Your Hiring Manager Must See Before You Get The Job

5 Things Your Hiring Manager Must See Before You Get The Job

Discover the 5 essential things your hiring manager must see before you get the job. From showcasing your experience and achievements to highlighting your personality traits and interest in the organization, learn how to stand out in the hiring process.


 Top 5 Performing Content Pillars on Instagram in 2023

Instagram requires businesses to create engaging content to stand out. Learn about the top 5 performing content pillars on Instagram that can help your brand reach more audiences, increase engagement rates, and build trust and authenticity.

National Consciousness

Why Should I Vote During Elections When I Can Just Sit At Home?

Understand the impact of your vote and why staying at home is not an option. Find out the consequences of not voting and why it’s your responsibility to make your voice heard through the power of the ballot.


Empowering African Youths: Free Youth Empowerment Resource

Discover the key insights and outcomes of the African Youths Round Table Discussion 2022, hosted by Charis Black Projects, featuring inspiring youths from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and South Africa. Find out how the discussion resulted in a comprehensive youth empowerment resource that will benefit African youths in key areas of their lives.